10 Key Sections That A Landing Page Should Must Have.

10 Key Sections That A Landing Page Should Must Have

A landing page is a page that you use to attract new visitors and convert them into customers.
A landing page is often designed to offer a quick and compelling interest in order the new visitors to sign up for your email list or purchase your product. (There are other genuine intentions to design a landing page as well)
A high-converting landing page contains 7 key sections and you should be aware of these sections!
1. A compelling offer:
A landing page without a compelling offer is a wasted opportunity.
Whether it’s a free trial, a product discount or something else of value, you need to have an offer on your landing page that gets people excited!
2. A headline:
A headline is the first thing people will see and read on your landing page. The most important rule of headlines.
hire a copywriter who can create an eye-grabbing headline.
3. Video Explaining your product/offer:
Your landing page should have a video to explain your product or offer.
You should not assume your viewer knows anything about you, and a video will help them understand what they’re subscribing to or buying.
Now, either you can create a faceless video or a facecam video. But, it’s important to include a video on your landing page.
I would recommend you add a facecam video because it will let your viewers know who is speaking to them and will build trust.
4. Call To Action:
If there is no clear call-to-action (CTA) button then all the time and money invested into designing and developing this landing page would be wasted.
The CTA button should be placed in close proximity to the headline and video, and it can either have a text-only link or an image with accompanying text linking out.
It’s also important for your landing page visitors to know what will happen once they click on that button.
A good call-to-action should always define your user’s action.
The button text should be simple and specific.
It shouldn’t say “click here” because that’s too vague when it comes to getting visitors to take action on the call-to-action button. Instead, use definitive words.
If you have a lead magnet then use CTA’s like “Enroll Now”, “Get Free Access”, etc…
Pro Tip: If you have a product never use CTA’s that tell people to buy your product.
Psychologically it won’t work. Instead use “Grab Now”, “Claim your offer” etc…
P.S: Place call to action above the fold and repeat using CTA’s because you don’t know when the user is going to satisfied/convinced.
5. Proof:
Including proofs such as video testimonials, pictures, and statistics can help back up your claims.
They will help you to build trust with your visitors and will increase the likelihood of them taking action.
A proof is a must-have section on a landing page!
P.S: If you don’t have appropriate proofs/testimonials, never fake them. Instead, collect them.
6. Urgency:
Creating urgency among the readers is a must-have section of any landing page.
It can be achieved by giving limited availability, time frame for the offer and other urgency factors.
However, it should not be overdone as too much of anything is bad!
Tip: A scarcity element such as ‘Today only’ or ‘Limited edition/Offer available till Friday, can be placed to increase your conversion rate.
7. Benefits of your product:
Remember features don’t sell! ? Well, they don’t sell at all.
The reader has to relate to the benefits of your products before he can buy them.
Your landing page should have as many benefit-based statements as possible with high clarity and brevity.
It is important not only for you but also for them!
Tip: Always list out pros/cons! because listing the disadvantages will help your audience trust you! But don’t overdo it.
8. Bullets:
Bullet points will help you to break the content and will be easy for your audience to read
Bullets are also useful in giving a visual cue of how long something is.
Tip: Bullets should never have too many words, make sure you use them wisely!
9. Bonuses:
This is one of the major section that every successful landing page should contain.
Giving Bonuses along with your core product /service will help you to increase your conversion rate!
In Bonuses, it is important to give the most recent and popular ones.
Avoid giving too many bonuses! It makes people look like your product is not good enough and you have to compensate for it.
This is where the “ethical bribe” comes in, your bonuses should be something that will benefit your visitors.
Tip: Make sure that your bonuses are niche-relevant and helpful to your audience!
10. Objections of the customers and FAQ’s:
Objections are the most difficult yet very crucial part to write.
The best way is always to answer them with the product/service benefits and not defending your company or service!
It’s a good idea to list at least three objections of the clients, but be careful – do not repeat the same objection twice as it will make people think that you are simply desperate for their attention.
And make sure to list the frequently asked Genuine Questions about your offer!
Conclusion: Though there are many sections that a landing page should contain.
But, for the sake of the length of this article I have, only listed the six must-have sections.
A high converting landing page should contain sections like “Need of the product”, “Stats and facts”, “Your credibility”, etc…
Make sure to add them to your landing page!
I hope this will help!
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Post Credit: Raghavendra Adiga

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